When it comes to Interlocking Pavers or UNISTONE as they’re commonly known, Sous-Sols Experts has all the modern machinery, equipment, and skilled labor to properly Install and/or repair your driveway or walkway. Driveways usually require a minimum of 18 inches of excavation, whereby walkways and patios require 12 inches of excavation.  We take many important details like that into consideration during our installations. Another Example is, If clay or silt is present, the installation of a geotextile fabric (membrane) is a must. This Geotextile Fabric Membrane is not for preventing weed growth; it actually maintains the stability of your Pavers. There are many more details and installation skills you need to know to deliver a good looking and strong installation.  You can count on Sous-Sols Experts for all that & to INSTALL and/or Repair your walkway and/or driveway according to industry specs so that your home can be the envy of the neighborhood.


Whatever the height, length, or application, be it the side of a driveway, a walkway, a patio, a balcony, or it could be a retaining wall for a SUNKEN AREAWAY or “COURT ANGLAISE”, Sous-Sols Experts can build it so that it can withstand the test of time.  Many of our retaining walls have a concrete footing in order to give them more strength and a longer life span. Another key factor is having a well-drained Retaining Wall.  Hydrostatic Pressure (or the pressure from water buildup) is the main reason why a retaining wall will tilt forward.  When the water isn’t allowed to drain, a Retaining Wall will be forced to tilt and eventually fall.  With the proper drainage system behind the wall a retaining wall can keep itself straight and last for generations.

At Sous-Sols Experts we prefer to build a type of retaining wall which recedes ½” per row. They are walls which emulate the Construction & Tensile Strength of a WATER DAM.  (See the pictures below).  Imagine the tower of PISA. So the higher the Retaining Wall the more evident the Slope is… AND EVERY STONE IS GLUED WITH HEAVY DUTY COMMERCIAL PL GLUE.

The bottom line is, we’ve built countless numbers of these walls and we’ve never had 1 customer call us YEARS LATER to tell us there’s a problem.  IT’S THAT GOOD!

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