Let’s establish a very important fact:


Sous-Sols Experts will ALWAYS install a Sump Pump & Customized SUMP PIT with a FRENCH DRAIN PROJECT because we know the PUMPING SYSTEM is THE HEART of the entire water management system (or French Drain). A SUMP PUMP’S responsibility to evacuate the water around and below your home IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Without a pumping system, water will eventually find its way into your home.

It’s simple; water comes to your home from different directions: It starts with the WATER TABLE (Level) beneath your home, which rises at the Spring thaw and again from the Fall rains. Water also accumulates around the foundation walls of your home from the rainwater of your gutters and an improper slope. All this water needs to be evacuated. The ZOELLER M-53 is our SUMP PUMP OF CHOICE. Its Reliability, Durability, and Performance are simply OUTSTANDING!

So as the groundwater level rises (Water Table) it’s all directed towards a Perforated SUMP PIT or Catch Basin. When the water gets to the maximum height we allow it to rise, The ZOELLER M-53 PUMP, will automatically begin to pump the water out through the necessary plumbing connections we install. Once the water returns to a normal level, the ZOELLER M-53 PUMP will automatically shut off.

The CATCH BASIN or “SUMP PIT” is just as important as a reliable pump. They both go hand in hand. Most Contractors who install SUMP PITS install a Garage Drain which is ONLY 18” DEEP because that’s all they have. These Sump Pits are totally inadequate because they are not deep enough & do not allow your French drain to evacuate properly AND more importantly they also allow your Water Table (or Groundwater Level) beneath your home to get too high which can create a whole list if issues. Most times the same Contractor who installs their shallow 18” Sump Pit also has no choice to DRILL THROUGH YOUR FOOTING to connect the French Drain to the Pumping System. THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE! Sous-Sols Experts connects your outdoor French drain to the Sump Pit by routing the water UNDER your home’s Footing and NEVER THROUGH IT!

How can we have a different installation? It’s all because Sous-Sols Experts will always install a Catch Basin or Sump Pit which is a MINIMUM 27” DEEP which also has multiple 12” extensions. We can do this because we import our Sump Pits from the USA and quite frankly, they are the absolute best Sump Pits which exist.

Perforated, Adjustable with the desired depth needed for your home, these Sump Pits are our “PIECE DE RESISTANCE” to ensuring your home stays dry.

A quality Sump Pump and a Perforated Sump Pit with the proper customized depth is the heart of any French Drain System, without them, water will eventually rise and infiltrate into your home. With these 2 key elements, your home is always protected from water damage.

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