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Your Ultimate Solution for Foundation Repair, Concrete Services, and Waterproofing in Greater Montreal

Whether you need a new concrete slab for your garage floor, a basement floor replacement, or a full French drain installation, we have a client you can talk to that has had a positive experience with our services. Sous-Sols Experts has all the necessary certifications to execute your foundation repairs and waterproofing work in Montréal, West Island, South Shore, and Laval. We only use the most advanced building materials because that’s what makes us the leading foundation waterproofing specialists in the area.

We are truly the BASEMENT, FOUNDATION and CONCRETE EXPERTS. We’re extremely stringent on the materials and methods we use for our clients because we take into account the tremendously harsh climate every home must face and overcome. We only select and use the best materials: Our SOPREMA Membranes are TRULY SECOND TO NONE and our Record of NO COMEBACKS speaks for itself! These Elastomere membranes are torched on and stand the test of time. Our MAPEI Cement Polymers and the Concrete we pour are simply outstanding. The ZOELLER PUMPS redefine the words Reliability, Durability, and Performance.

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Pietro Di Benedetto, Owner

My Parents, Gino & Angiolina Di Benedetto immigrated to Canada in 1957. With AN ARMOUR OF COURAGE and great hope they left a small town from the Region of Abruzzo, Italy… SALLE. They dared to cross the Atlantic in a ship named LA SATURNIA, with 3 children, Maria who was 9, Antonio who was 5 and Roberto who was barely 3 months old. While living in the Mile End of Montreal, in 1962 my twin sister Clara and I were born in the Royal Victoria Hospital. Despite the daily hardships my Mother faced of being in a new continent, it was her tremendous determination and a strong will to get anything important done which paved our family success. A Seamstress by day, and a mother of 5 who always knew how to stretch a dollar, she will always be remembered for her sense of humour but most importantly for her undoubted constant devotion to her family.

My Father was a man who led by example and by far the hardest working man I ever met in my life. Incredibly, there were entire years which he would register over 4000 Hours of work! He was a proud Master Mason with impressive skills and an unequivocal “CAN DO” attitude, and he possessed a work ethic which few have ever matched. The best times I had with “PA”, was while I was working with him on his weekend job sites. I learned so much from him. Today, I still remember his advice on so many subjects, especially WATER and CONCRETE. Today, I still picture “PA” beside me reciting his stories while I use his masonry tools.

Everything which is within me today, I owe to my parents and family:

My University Education, My Courage, My Hope, My Faith, My Determination to get anything important done, My “CAN DO” attitude, My sense of humour, My skills, & My devotion to my children Angela & Anthony. Even though I founded this firm, and have full ownership, I’M ESPECIALLY PROUD TO BE ON EVERY JOB SITE working beside my experienced and highly skilled team. There isn’t a better feeling in the world when we complete a job together and My team, My customers, and Myself, all look at what was created, and together we can’t help but smile and say… “Wow, What a beautiful job!”

Abstract from a March 2021 article published in Panoram Italia Magazine

Rarely is the basement a home’s most wondrous room, but for Pietro Di Benedetto, founder and president of SOUS-SOLS EXPERTS — a trusted water management business serving Greater Montreal — it’s the mainstay of any property.

A follower of inspirational speakers, Di Benedetto is himself a polished public speaker who waxes enthusiastic over French drains, pumps, foundation membrane (he uses only the top-grade type), cement, concrete and masonry. As he describes the interplay between these elements, making sure to put it in layperson terms, it becomes apparent that— quite simply stated—he really knows his stuff.

SS Experts March 2021 article in Panoram Magazine

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