Sous-Sols Experts Installs THE BEST WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS in the business!  A French Drain is, in essence, a Water Management System which DRAINS and removes unwanted water from your foundations.  We can carefully evaluate your home to determine if a French Drain Installation is an ideal solution for you. 


When an Exterior French Drain isn’t possible, an INTERIOR FRENCH DRAIN or an INTERIOR PERIMETER DRAIN can be installed.  It’s exactly that… It’s a French Drain installed around the INTERIOR PERIMETER of the foundation footing.  It serves as a basic defense against groundwater seepage.  This solution alone doesn’t protect the foundation walls, but when we install it with an Interior Foundation membrane (DELTA MS MEMBRANE), your Living Space is Protected.


We’re not shy to say what we know and believe … Sous-Sols Experts installs The Best Exterior French Drain Systems in the industry!  One of the best ways to protect one of your most valuable assets, your home, is with a quality Exterior French Drain around the Exterior perimeter of your foundation.  French Drains are an essential defense against groundwater and water accumulation against your foundation walls.

With a “ZERO COMEBACK RECORD” , Once Sous-Sols Experts Installs the “SOPREMA SYSTEM” to your home, you’ll have peace of mind and your basement will be safe and dry for years to come.


For INTERIOR Foundation Work, we use Quality DELTA MS Membranes.

For EXTERIOR Foundation Work, we use the Absolute BEST… SOPREMA.  SOPREMA manufactures outstanding Exterior Membranes which have withstood the test of time.  We are trained and certified Installers of SOPREMA Membranes.  Once we demonstrate the method of installation, the Quality of the material, and explain the Sophisticated Engineering behind the thinking of these membranes, you’ll be just as excited as we are to have them installed for your home.

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