For Basement Pyrite Removal, Basement Floor Removal and Replacement, Sous-Sols Experts is the firm to call.

After so many years, your basement floor usually faces you with a problem: It’s either Cracked, Broken, Deteriorated, Off Level, Lifting, Falling Apart and in many cases it doesn’t drain properly and/or it overflows.

There are many solutions in the market which are designed to convince you that a quick Do IT YOURSELF solution, or a Cosmetic Cover Up will be sufficient to give you the basement floor you need. These short term solutions are exactly that… SHORT TERM.

At Sous-Sols Experts all our Solutions are PERMANENT and on the subject of Concrete, all our Concrete Solutions are Permanent. When it comes to Basement Floor Replacement, Sous-Sols Experts is the one to call for a PERMANENT CONCRETE

SOLUTION. We have all the necessary modern machinery, equipment and skilled labor, to REMOVE, EXCAVATE, and REPLACE your existing Concrete Basement floor, including ALL THE UNDERGROUND PLUMBING and Drains.

We build our Basement Floors on solid base of 7” of ¾ Net DB Gravel for water drainage, with a Polyethylene Membrane on top and Steel Mesh to prevent future movement. Then we pour a minimum of 4” inches of 30 MPA (= 4351 Pounds Per Square Inch) Concrete that can withstand the everyday pressure.

Quality Concrete, Quality Drains, Certified ¾ Net DB Gravel, Polyethylene Membrane, Steel Mesh, new Plumbing with a Backwater Valve (that can reduce your Insurance premium), and a professionally finished sloped slab is what you get when you call the EXPERTS!

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